Cbd-infused Practices to Take on the Day

How do you start your day? In a fast paced, high stress world it’s easy to lose our mornings in the muddle, but intentional starts to the day set the pace for mental clarity and productivity and cbd can play a supportive part.

A lot of cannabis consumers, myself included, begin their day with a good old wake and bake but a blunt’s worth of thc in the am is not suitable for everyone for a myriad of reasons. When I worked twelve hour shifts at a hospital with 7am starts I would substitute my usual wake and bake for a few vapes of cannabidiol (cbd) oil, relieving work-related stress while remaining unaltered.

Cbd is all the rage in newly cannabis legal states, the reason being that cbd has no psychoactive effects so receives less stigma and it’s benefits can be enjoyed by a much larger audience. Cbd has been used by children suffering from epilepsy, has slown muscle spasms in people with Parkinson’s, and curb ptsd, insomnia, stress and anxiety— all without a heady high. Consider thc as yang; sun, fire, active and cbd as yin; moon, water, passive.

I personally like cbd to balance out sativas or when I’m coming back to thc after a cannabis break, and it is a fantastic way to get all of the good out of cannabis without the anxiety, paranoia, or other down-sides some people experience when consuming thc.

Here are some ways I like to use cbd to set the pace for my day. These tips can be done separately or combined to create a morning mindfulness ritual.

Relax your body and your mind will follow

We are generally the stiffest when we first wake up which is why we twist, reach, and bend our bodies after climbing out of bed. One of my biggest areas of tightness in the morning is my neck and shoulders (fellow side sleepers know what I’m talking about) so a way I like to release tension is to massage cbd rich salve onto problem areas after a shower.

This takes no time at all so can fit into most mornings and works well for direct, fast-acting tension relief. When we are physically relaxed it becomes easier to let go of mental tension as well, which can be the start of a wonderful day. Use your palms and fingers to massage the cbd salve into any areas you need, work the knots, and don’t rush. Then stretch it out— notice any other areas of tension in your body and move in ways that feel good.

Tackle anxiety and stress before they tackle you

Anxiety is a big reason people use cannabis medicinally (even those who participate in adult use also admit to benefiting from these effects), but thc can often exacerbate this. The great thing about cbd is that it curbs anxiety and stress without any of the extra pitfalls that can come from consuming cannabis.

Upon waking, there’s usually an influx of thought rushing in— a laundry list of to-dos, internal complaints about how we shouldn’t have to be awake at 6am, and how much we’re looking forward to being in bed hours and hours from now. This is a breeding ground for stressful thinking and anxiety to take over your day. Instead, start the morning with a hit or two of cbd (for me, less is more) and mentally pull up a few things you are grateful. Even if it’s just one thing, and as simple as being alive, this moment can be the difference between a good day and a bad one and starting the day with gratitude and cbd creates space for joy. I personally like to vape or smoke when doing this as there’s more instant sensation and I’m able to gauge my threshold dose easily.

Make time for mindfulness

Mindful meditation is simply paying attention to one thing at a time (the opposite of multitasking) which can be the foundation for a productive, organized and stress free day. Try a medicated meditation with cbd tinctures instead of thc. Your meditation can be five minutes of noticing your breath or a longer guided meditation. Add cbd for an extra touch of grounding, mental stillness and peace that will spill out of this morning practice and into the rest of your day.

Minelli Eustacio