Medicated Meditation - “Just This” Mantra

Whenever you feel yourself getting overburdened, check in with this “just this” medicated meditation.

Slipping into a habit of busyness and becoming overburdened as a result is all too common, especially since we’re taught that a measurement of self worth and progress is how much we are doing/how busy we are.

This simple “just this” meditation is a great tool to regroup, to tune into your needs, and is effective whether done for just a few breath cycles or as a daily mindfulness practice to cultivate calm and enjoyment of the present moment.

To practice this meditated meditation you can vape beforehand, take a bong hit, or hit a joint — preferably a type of consumption where the onset is immediate (so edibles are not ideal) and a strain that you are familiar with the effects in your body.

Smoke and do nothing else. Your mind will want to wander (a natural instinct that comes from being busy all of the time), so finding mental stillness without getting anxious or feeding your mind distractions is part of the practice. As you sit, stand, lay, or walk slowly (syncing your steps with your mantra and breath) — deeply inhale, “just”, deeply exhale, “this”, reciting this mantra in your head.

Let the present moment unfold one breath at a time without worry of the past or the future. The present moment only exists for a short time.

Inhale, “just”. Exhale, “this”.

Go with the flow of your elevated state. Notice the shift in consciousness.

Inhale, “just”. Exhale, “this”.

Check in with your body’s sensation. Let go of tension in your jaw and shoulders. Feel this relaxation melt through to your toes.

Inhale, “just”. Exhale, “this”.

Continue for as long as feels supportive to you, your body’s wisdom will let you know when to stop.