Questions to Ask When Setting an Intention

To close out 2018 I organized a plant inspired workshop called Sowing Seeds. We smoked, meditated, posed questions to ourselves, created a communal flower mandala, and did restorative yoga — all to discover and nourish our individual intentions for the new year.

It was an amazing night that I was so happy to be a part of, and wanted to share some of the helpful intention setting questions here.

Think of intention as a guiding principle for how you want to show up in the world, rather than a goal or resolution. We often set intentions before beginning yoga practice, or as a daily mindfulness practice. Intentions require forethought, so the questions we posed ourselves were to peel back the layers to the what, as well as the why and how.

We passed Pineapple Trainwreck flower, an energizing strain that boosts creativity and lowers stress, and meditated before writing down answers, sharing some of them with the group. It was a wonderful way to verbally bring those intention to life.

I shared these questions and my answers below. If you would like to do a little self-inquiry, write your answers down.

What am I grateful for in 2018?

  • becoming more free in my career and as a person

  • working on maintaining and nurturing relationships

  • family

When am I at my happiest?

  • When I’m in nature or on an adventure

  • When I’m with my partner

  • When I’m being authentically me

What am I letting go of and why?

  • I am letting go of stress in situations I have no control over (all of them). Opening up and putting more effort into surrender. There’s no need to make a situation worse with tension and struggle — be like water.

What words do I want to align myself with?

  • strong

  • joy

  • peace

What ways do I plan of getting out of my comfort zone?

  • setting boundaries with myself and others

  • showing up authentically even if it feels too big for the room

  • saying yes to more things and committing to them

What ways do I plan on implementing self care and love?

  • more planned mindfulness practice

  • get a massage or other treat monthly

  • spend more time outside, even just a daily stroll

Feel free to share your answers in the comments. :)