Relax. Inhale. Exhale. Savor this moment. Hit the pause button and reconnect with yourself.

CannaBliss & Mindfulness Retreat

April 20-22, 2018. Jacumba Hot Springs, CA

Join yoga instructor Minelli Eustacio, and meditation guide Jana Johnson for CannaBliss & Mindfulness, a nourishing retreat centered in using mindful cannabis ritual, yoga, meditation, and interactive workshops as tools to encourage self-reflection and awakening, re-connection with your true nature, the Earth, and your intuitive creativity. 

Minelli and Jana have paired up to create a safe space for you to find relief from your daily grind, explore yourself and the grounding, mind expanding effects of cannabis, and discover what holistic health looks like for you. We do not need to become someone else or achieve massive change on the inside to experience deep bliss, we just need to take time to realize what is already there underneath the surface of learned labels, ego, and personal stories.

At CannaBliss & Mindfulness we will discuss the ways we create space and show up for ourselves, build sustainable self-care practices to take back home, and express ourselves in several embodied forms, all while utilizing organic cannabis as a vehicle to tune into our intuitive inner teacher.

Through this weekend (April 20-22, 2018) experience curated with love you will enjoy the following activities, amenities, and hidden gems on the sacred lands of our retreat space:

Yoga & Meditation

  • Explore the deeply nourishing style of cannabis-infused meditation and yoga, practices that have existed for yogis for thousands of years
  • Develop your personal meditation and yoga practice—modifications will be offered for every yoga pose and all experience levels are welcome.
  • Enjoy a cosmic soundbath during our evening yin and restorative classes
  • Learn to fully occupy the present moment
  • Experience an uplifting laughing yoga class infused with euphoria-inducing cannabis strains

Relax, Release, Reconnect

  • Receive regular delicious plant-based meals and snacks by our Food Curator, Ashley Tyrus
  • Share organic cannabis while safely and intentionally using the plant as a catalyst for self-exploration and clarity
  • Enjoy a relaxing therapeutic massage during your time here by our amazing massage therapist
  • Have access to the facilities steam sauna, swimming pool, and explore the beautiful 165-acre land, specially built caves, and nature with a group or solo hike

Engage, Educate, Explore

  • Explore what holistic health looks like for you through guided workshops and take steps deeper into that space
  • Build a foundation for long lasting mindful habits
  • Take a cannabis education workshop and learn how to grow organic cannabis at home, or how to make edibles
  • Dive deep through introspection, conversation, and community and have an unforgettable experience