Class Descriptions

All classes begin with a communal cannabis session with education on strains + consumption methods. Consuming cannabis is optional. Must be 21+ to participate.

Infused Slow Flow (Wed 7PM, Fri 730PM)

An all levels class that couples cannabis, hatha yoga, and conscious breathing to strengthen the connection between body and mind and create a meditative yet challenging practice. Perfect for those who want to build a strong foundation for their yoga practice.

Suitable for everyBODY.

Light Up + Restore (Thu 745PM)

A HIGHLY restorative yoga class with a communal smoke session and feel-good stretches to promote relaxation and well-being, suitable for all levels.

Slow Burn (Thu 545PM, Sat 1PM)

Burn flower and build heat in this active class - expect a creative sequence and a smoker friendly for a fun yet challenging experience.

Yindica (Sun 1PM)

This deep stretch class with passive poses and plant medicine, takes advantage of the increase in body awareness cannabis provides. Yin yoga is all about surrender, so expect to let go of tension, meditate on the breath, and feel grounded in your body. The perfect way to unwind.