free, all levels, cannabis-friendly classes from the comfort of your home

creating space for yoga at home means creating space for self-reflection, non-judgement, for personalized practice, to move how you want and need to, and to show up exactly as you are.


Yoga to Relieve Anxiety

20 mins

Hip-Opening Yoga + Body Scan Meditation

18 mins


Yin (Deep Stretch)

Yin to Calm Your Mind

25 mins

Yin Yoga to Prevent Headaches

40 mins

Yoga For Sore Feet & Ankles

19 mins

Deep Side Body Stretch

20 mins


Gentle & Slow Flow

Yoga For Self-Study

30 mins

Yoga to Loosen Tight Hamstrings

30 mins

Easy Leg Strengthening Flow

19 mins

Energizing Flow with Deep Twists

27 mins

How to: Chaturanga Dandasana (High to Low Plank)

9 mins

Slow Flow to Cultivate Gratitude

21 mins

Gentle Morning Stretch + Meditation

18 mins

Full Body Gentle Flow

16 mins

Hip & Spine Release

13 mins



Meditation for Inner Peace

10 mins