Wear your favorite white or neon clothes and come elevate, glow, and flow in our sacred wellness space. We’ll provide the glow in the dark accessories, body paint, and a little flower to feel grounded in this trippy experience — you provide the good vibes.

We’ll be celebrating plant spirit and exploring cannabis as a tool for spiritual, creative and euphoric connection through a judgement-free, mindful lens. Enhance your sensational awareness with plant medicine, relax your body and mind through guided gentle yoga practice and hands on adjustments, lift your spirits with a live ambient soundscape, and float through the cosmos of an immersive galactic light show. Light refreshments will be provided, so no worries about munchies. Come play and be your highest self!


Save Your Space

This class is full.


Minelli Eustacio-Costa (200hr RYT) will guide you through a slow yoga flow with plant medicine chosen specifically to support the practice.

Diana Seva (200hr RYT) is assisting our yoga practice with supportive, feel good adjustments for those who desire it. Hands-on adjustments are a great way to deepen sensation in a shape and find correct alignment.


The soundtrack to this glow-in-the-dark experience will be a live ambient soundscape by Aaron Rays! Zen out to his relaxing and trippy vibrations.