Our Team

These yogis, healers, and self-care advocates will be your cannabis wellness guides during the CannaBliss & Mindfulness retreat! Check back for updates in our teachers and workshop leaders.


Minelli Eustacio-Costa – Yoga Instructor, Host 

Minelli is a one of the hosts of CannaBliss & Mindfulness and is so excited to create space with you! Her passions are restorative yoga, exploring nature as often as possible, and of course, cannabis. She has been practicing yoga for six years and guiding classes since 2015.

After discovering a deep, personal relationship with the combination of cannabis and yoga to relieve stress and judgement and explore her body and mind, she began offering group and private cannabis-infused yoga sessions and discovered community in medical marijuana patients and people who just loved connecting with the herb. Her classes are gentle, focused on intentional consumption, mindful movement and breath work, and she aims to create intimate classes that are accessible for everyBODY. You can join her for cannabis-enhanced restorative and hatha yoga classes during the retreat.


Jana Johnson – Meditation & Yoga Instructor, Host

Jana J is the founder of Royal Purple House, a haven for holistic health & well-being, and a host of CannaBliss & Mindfulness. She moved to LA after serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the beautiful, yerba-filled lands of Paraguay where her personal yoga & meditation practice became more potent & purposeful as she had many periods of deep introspection in finding her flow in this new land.

Upon successfully completing her time in Paraguay and returning to the states she relocated to Los Angeles, where for the first time she experienced legal, open access to marijuana and dove right in to the unique culture that is the LA cannabis scene. Jana began leading cannabis-enhanced guided meditation sessions during Summer 2017 out of a desire to share what had become such a powerful, simple, enjoyable, and elevating personal practice of her own. You can join her for cannabis-enhanced meditation, yoga, and a How to Grow Organic Cannabis workshop during the retreat.

Ashley Renée Tyrus — Culinarian

Ashley will be supporting our experience with delicious, plant-based meals and is the content creator behind LifestyledbyART; a lifestyle brand with a mission to enrich the lives of women through world exploration and healthy lifestyle choices. After moving from Maryland to Los Angeles 5 years ago for fashion, Ashley realized she wanted to dive a little deeper into things that inspired and moved her.

She started blogging about her healthier recipe alternatives, travel guides, natural remedies and more and hasn’t looked back since! Playing on her initials (ART), Ashley believes that life is a canvas and each day everyone has the ability to paint an amazing lifestyle through whatever medium they choose! In her spare time she enjoys traveling, learning about new cultures, hosting friends and cooking and baking up new creations! Follow more of her journey on Instagram @lifestyledbyart.


Dustin Carpenter – Cosmic Soundbath Guide

Dustin will be creating cosmic soundscapes to set relaxing vibes for our evening restorative and yin yoga classes. With over a decade of experience logged into professional performance as a solo multi-instrumentalist, Dustin Carpenter provides sonic soundscapes with intention and intuition via modular synthesizer and electric guitar.

Acquiring apprenticeship through Dom Moore and David Gibson provided both a spiritual and scientific modality toward sound and all of it’s properties. Dustin has toured nationally providing meditation soundscapes in New York City, Los Angeles, and Austin. 2018 will manifest monthly west coast tours and exclusive recorded material.


Indi Rishi – Lauging Yoga Instructor

Join Indy Rishi Singh for a heart-opening, mood lifting, cannabis-infused laughing yoga practice during our retreat. Indy is a well-being engineer, integrating Eastern and Western modalities of health and science to learn the secrets of long life, happiness and personal evolution. He has studied with accomplished psychiatrists, yogis, scientists, Gurus, academic researchers, shamans, and renowned storytellers. Learn more at www.iLiving.guru or travel and serve with him at www.yoga4change.co


Chioma Nwosu – Massage Therapist

Indulge in a soothing massage by Chioma Nwosu, utilizing the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabis topicals. Chioma is a Nigerian-born, Detroit-raised massage therapist, RYT 200+ yoga instructor & meditation facilitator, preventative health enthusiast and certified pharmacy technician based in Los Angeles.

As the sole proprietor of ChloeMassageSpa.com, she provides private massage, physical therapy, chakra energy balancing, yoga and meditation sessions. She advises clients on maintaining healthy lifestyles for holistic health and wellness.

She has been serving the Los Angeles area through customized therapeutic sessions for the past 5 years & enjoys collaborations with progressive organizations and groups centered on inclusion and social justice activism through classes, discussions and workshops. Group classes available!

CannaBliss & Mindfulness is a 420 wellness retreat to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. We're here to create a communal space for cannabis ritual and wellness.