Sowing Seeds Workshop

Join community on December 29th, 7-930PM for a cannabis-friendly gathering sowing seeds of intention to grow throughout your new year.



7PM - Communal circle smoke, guided meditation, intention setting and optional tarot reading

745PM - Flower mandala workshop + nectar list

815PM - Cannabis-infused restorative yoga + live soundscape

Sowing Seeds through Mindful Practices

What do you want 2019 to look like for yourself? The Sowing Seeds workshop is an experiential event to create your universe with plant-inspired creativity, meditation, restorative yoga, and ambient sound.

Plants are the main modality we’ll use to cultivate intention— through cannabis (not just inhaling thc, but non-psychoactive cbd topicals and tintures too) and creating a flower mandala that represents your universe and what you want it to look like.

Cannabis has been a tool to aid in self-exploration and mindful practices for thousands years. The Sowing Seeds workshop will return to an ancient practice and support you in your navigation of self through a communal circle smoke session, guided meditation, and an optional tarot reading with Marisa de la Pena of Circo Tarot, to discover an intention you will peel back the layers of throughout the evening and into the new year.

Intentional Elevation + Communal Creation

The insight gained from our opening smoke circle and meditation will set the path for a communal flower mandala workshop. Mandalas represent the universe. By creating a collective physical manifestation of the universe we will explore our intuitive creativity, contribute to the creation of one universe, and uplift each other’s intentions.

Creating flower mandalas is a soothing practice that will help you explore the unique expression that is your creativity. Cannabis will assist in removing the layer of judgement that often runs through our minds when trying to be creative, allowing us to step out of ego and just be. The mandala portion of Sowing Seeds will end with creating your own “nectar list” — a list of 1 to a million sweet moments from the past year that you would like to express gratitude for or see more of in 2019.

Mesmerizing Sound

The workshop will end with cannabis-infused restorative yoga accompanied by a mesmerizing live soundscape by talented producer and musician, Aaron Rays. Cannabis is a relaxant and introspective plant known to make colors, sounds, and sensation evermore visceral. Enjoy indica flower and a relaxing yoga practice to sow your seeds of intention, release what no longer serves, and feel supported by props, plants, community, and soothing sound.


Want to Join?

To keep this gathering intimate, spaces are very limited.

Tickets are $40 for a single space, $60 for two. (+ $3 online processing fee)

Feel free to venmo (Minelli-Eustacio) to save your space and avoid fees, with “Sowing Seeds” as your comment. Otherwise click the button below to save your space(s) online.