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Welcome to my library of cannabis-friendly yoga classes you can do from the comfort of your home. Classes vary in length, are accessible, and require minimal props. Creating space for yoga at home means creating space for self-reflection, non-judgement, for personalized practice, consistency, to move how you need to, and show up exactly as you are. Plant your seed of intention and watch it bloom on the mat.


Restorative yoga focuses on healing through relaxation. Let go of the need to conquer, soften your body and create a space for your body and mind to relax. Indica herb and CBD are a great compliment to restorative yoga practice.

Yoga to Relieve Anxiety

20 minutes

This relaxing class explores the use of CBD and indica-rich cannabis, breath work, and soothing yoga poses to create an anxiety soothing practice.

Hip-Opening Yoga + Body Scan Meditation

18 minutes

A stretch to warm up your hip flexors for a seated body scan meditation. Body scan meditations are great for full body relaxation and present moment awareness.


Slow Deep Stretch

Slow deep stretch or yin yoga are long held shapes that typically target the connective tissue and fascia, rather than superficial muscle. Some tips for this practice: do not go past your edge, focus on your breath, and commit to the pose.

17 minutes

This class is a deep stretch to loosen all of the knots in your back, shoulders, and upper back. Think of this class as a juicy self-massage, break out your indica cannabis or THCA tincture, and get ready to feel amazing! Have two blocks nearby for this practice.

35 minutes

A yin yoga class to relieve back aches and restore flexibility and durabilty to your spine.

Full Leg + Back Stretch

23 minutes

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, this supple cannabis-enhanced leg and back stretch is a great way to slowly unwind and shed all the tension of a long work day.

Yin to Calm Your Mind

25 minutes

This soothing class couples fluid movement with longer held shapes and breath meditation to soothe your mind and relieve stress.

Yin Yoga to Prevent Headaches

40 minutes

For this class we’ll be focusing on breathing techniques and deep yin yoga shapes that help relieve headaches as well as muscle tension in the shoulders and neck that can result from chronic headaches and migraines. Grab your herb and two blocks, maybe some peppermint essential oil if you have it!

Yoga For Sore Feet & Ankles

19 minutes

This class is a nice stretch to bring relief to achy feet and ankles. You may want to have a block and blanket nearby for this practice. Get extra self-loving and use a THC or CBD-infused rub on your feet for a self massage.

Deep Side Body Stretch

20 minutes

This class focuses on side body stretching, providing some openness to your waist, lower back, rib cage, and intercostal muscles (the muscles in between your ribs).


Gentle & Slow Flow

Moving meditations that build physical and mental strength. These classes balance feel-good movements with challenging yoga poses.

Gentle Morning Yoga for Hips, Spine, and Shoulders

15 minutes

A short and sweet moving meditation that is perfect when practiced in the morning time and focuses on opening the hips, spine, and shoulders.


Yoga For Self-Study

30 minutes

This gentle yoga session is great for re-centering and is set with an intention of self-study; simply a loving awareness of yourself and your breath throughout the practice. Observing habits on the mat can shine a light onto our habits off of the mat.

Yoga to Loosen Tight Hamstrings

30 minutes

All levels slow flow to loosen tight hamstrings, with no props necessary. Opening your hamstrings brings flexibility to your entire leg and strengthens the lower back! 

Easy Leg Strengthening Flow

19 minutes

An all levels friendly, slow leg strengthening flow best paired with a sativa/sativa-dominant strain.

Energizing Flow with Deep Twists

27 minutes

A great slow flow class focused on deep twists to rinse your body, strengthen your lower back muscles, improve lung function and breathing, and generally feel energized.

How to: Chaturanga Dandasana (High to Low Plank)

9 minutes

This video will help you learn alignment cues and warm-up stretches for different variations of chaturanga dandasana (a group of poses generally down in vinyasa flow classes).

Slow Flow to Cultivate Gratitude

21 minutes

Inhale gratitude, exhale stress. This class is centered around cultivating gratitude with conscious breathing, gentle twists, and cannabis.

Gentle Morning Stretch + Meditation

18 mins

18 minutes

This class is a sweet stretch and meditation that will help create space for a new day. Rather than rolling out of bed and straight into the day, see what happens when you start the morning with gentle, curious, and loving awareness.

Full Body Gentle Flow

16 minutes

This is a super chill flow to elevate and move to with an indica/indica-dominant hybrid which will bring about a relaxing full body high. Most of the movements are calming stretches so this is a good flow to unwind with.

Hip & Spine Release

13 minutes

This slow flow is focused on hip-openers and gentle stretches for the spine, a great way to unwind after work or open up your body first thing in the morning.


Guided Meditation

Meditation for Inner Peace

10 minutes

The perfect guided meditation to start your day with grounded, clear-headed bliss in just 10 minutes. Tending to your mind with this simple meditation will create a foundation of inner peace that spills into the rest of your day.