Online Yoga

Welcome to my library of cannabis-friendly yoga classes you can do from the comfort of your home. Classes are short, accessible, and require minimal props. Creating space for yoga at home means creating space for self-reflection, non-judgement, for personalized practice, consistency, to move how you need to, and show up exactly as you are.


Yoga to Relieve Anxiety

20 minutes

This relaxing class explores the use of CBD and indica-rich cannabis, breath work, and soothing yoga poses to create an anxiety soothing practice.

Hip-Opening Yoga + Body Scan Meditation

18 minutes

A stretch to warm up your hip flexors for a seated body scan meditation. Body scan meditations are great for full body relaxation and present moment awareness.


Slow Deep Stretch

Full Leg + Back Stretch

23 minutes

Yin to Calm Your Mind

25 minutes

Yin Yoga to Prevent Headaches

40 minutes

Yoga For Sore Feet & Ankles

19 minutes

Deep Side Body Stretch

20 minutes


Gentle & Slow Flow

Gentle Morning Yoga for Hips, Spine, and Shoulders

15 minutes


Yoga For Self-Study

30 minutes

Yoga to Loosen Tight Hamstrings

30 minutes

Easy Leg Strengthening Flow

19 minutes

Energizing Flow with Deep Twists

27 minutes

How to: Chaturanga Dandasana (High to Low Plank)

9 minutes

Slow Flow to Cultivate Gratitude

21 minutes

Gentle Morning Stretch + Meditation

18 mins

18 minutes

Full Body Gentle Flow

16 minutes

Hip & Spine Release

13 minutes



Meditation for Inner Peace

10 minutes