Plant Lover’s Retreat


Light up and savor the moment at an intimate escape centered around self-awakening with cannabis and mindfulness. This space will support collective learning, healing, and exploration of present moment awareness through plant spirit.



The Plant Lover’s Retreat will be in Los Angeles and serve as an urban oasis for cannabis-infused wellness, to rest and renew, and connect with yourself and like-minded people. Depending on the desires of our group, we will be in the city (DTLA or Malibu) or take our venture to nature no further than an hour and a half from town.


The retreat will be one full day and a night of rest.


Expect an experience with grounding yoga, intention setting, meditation, journaling, and to enjoy sound and massage therapy. All supported by organic cannabis, healthy meals, and experienced-based guidance.

join us

This retreat will be by invitation-only, for people aged 21+, and limited to 10 guests.