want to join an intimate urban retreat for plant lovers? let's light up + savor this moment

the plant lover's getaway is rooted in my love for self-awakening with cannabis and community. this space is for you to realize you are not alone in the mindfulness and bliss you desire to experience with plants.

This retreat will stay close to home in Los Angeles (potentially in Downtown LA or Malibu) and serve as an oasis in the city for cannabis-infused wellness, to rest, and connect with yourSelf and like-minded people. Depending on interest and desires, the retreat will be one full day or allow for a night of sleep to leave the following morning.

We expect an experience with grounding, all levels yoga, to set intentions with varied plant allies, a soundbath, massage therapy, and to reflect on the insights gained from the experience - all supported by organic cannabis, healthy meals, and knowledge-based guidance. The plant lover's retreat will be by invitation-only, 21 and up, and be limited to 8-10 guests to keep the experience intimate and comfortable for all.

If you would like to be invited to this urban retreat when the time is right, sign up below. 

If you own a space or know of someone who could host us, please email hello@yogawithminelli.com.