Yoga With Minelli

“Body is not stiff,

mind is stiff.”



Plant medicine + mindful movement

What is Cannabis-infused Yoga?

Since 2000 BCE monks, yogis, and Sahdus have consumed cannabis to aid in yoga and meditative practice. Cannabis-infused yoga is an ancient tool that combines traditional yoga asana with the slowing, stress relieving, contemplative, and pain alleviating properties of cannabis — creating a practice that incorporates our body, mind, breath, and soul.

Minelli creates all levels cannabis-infused yoga classes with slow and intentional shapes curated to take advantage of the increased awareness of sensations offered by cannabis.

Cannabis’s natural ability to promote euphoria and being present makes cannabis-infused yoga useful for students new to yoga, as well as seasoned students looking to explore a deeper limb of their practice. Learn more


How Cannabis Promotes Mindfulness

Setting Intentions for a Deeply Connected High

How to Stay Calm & Grounded When Your High Isn't


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Yoga With Minelli

Probably smoking a joint on her favorite hiking trail, Minelli is a nature lover, dreamer, and certified yoga teacher creating community from her passions.

Minelli guides private and group gentle yoga + cannabis classes. She wishes to bring awareness to the mindfulness, healing, and bliss of yoga - often infused with cannabis. About Minelli.


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I am constantly working to raise the bar of my offerings and keep safe and intentional space. If you have any questions or concerns about your experience, please let me know. If you have attended a class and would like to leave feedback, click here.


Bobby fisher

The class was amazing... 'twas spiritually uplifting and left me in a heightened state of physical well-being.

Orlando Diaz

Totally relaxing and able to focus on my body. The THC effects combined with the perfect and harmonious mood of the place, and the guide of Minelli was just perfect.

Attara Enerva

This was my first time doing yoga. It was wonderful and not at all intimidating. The other participants were welcoming and the space felt calming. Thank you, Minelli, for keeping it top shelf.


I thought the class was very relaxing, and brought a piece of mind to my mind, soul, and body. The guidance received was easy to follow, and a great speed. I had an awesome experience.

Jana Johnson

I often smoke when I do yoga at home or before I go to my local studio so this class was a wonderful step up from that. Minelli, you're an amazing instructor, in tune with the flow of the class which greatly helps facilitate the elevated experience!


Extremely positive experience. Minelli made the group feel so comfortable and welcome - I could not have asked for (or even IMAGINED) a better experience. Thank you!

camael noah

I enjoy everything about class. The lovely conversations before/after, the cannabis (of course!), and the flow itself are always exactly what I need. The space is inviting and the whole experience is awesome.


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Ascetics of India and modern urban shamans alike consider this dance of expanding consciousness between plant and human a literal infusion of spirit. The ingestion, topical application, or inhalation of marijuana is employed as a tool to learn and explore, and to seek knowledge, insights, and spiritual revelations about the self in an ever-expanding universe.

And it is precisely this infusion of spirit with its vibrancy, aliveness, and enthusiasm that ultimately allows for renewed sense of health and well-being.
— Uwe Blesching