About Minelli

Hi :) I’m Minelli Eustacio-Costa — a nature lover, writer, and certified yoga teacher creating community and career from my passions. I began practicing yoga in 2012 to relieve stress, but found a much more potent experience beyond poses and have been teaching yoga since 2015. I am the studio mama of Radha Yoga, guide vinyasa, hatha, restorative, deep stretch (yin), and cannabis-infused yoga classes, and curate yoga and mindfulness events.


My practice and teaching are inspired by the simplicity of mindful movement and deep breathing.

I have discovered my voice in guiding feel-good yoga classes with an emphasis on curiosity, non-judgment, and honoring your body by accepting it for what it is at this very moment – something  I continue to learn as a student of yoga.


I am chasing experiences and authentic, unapologetic living— things I consider a lot sweeter than just a paycheck. 

When I’m not teaching or practicing yoga I’m reading short stories and books on cannabis and spirituality, taking scenic bike rides, hiking, and dreaming of a simple life in a school bus conversion with my husband and our cat.

Some of my goals are to offer affordable practice spaces and bring awareness to the mindfulness, healing, and bliss of yoga (often infused with cannabis). My intention is to guide people back within their bodies, a place of security, knowing, truth, strength, and power.


(310) 237 2571